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Bristow & Sutor

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Unfortunately I have been dealing with these for a couple of years, it’s a never ending cycle I can’t afford to pay my council tax because I’m paying the old debts to these and so on and so forth.. I was told I had to pay £87 weekly, I simply don’t have this atm and I now owe them £348 which I simply don’t have, I have emailed them offering to pay £100 weekly just to pay the arrears off and still pay my debt which I still can’t afford but I’m terrified of them coming to my home, I don’t know what to do next

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Re: Bristow & Sutor

Post by Schedule 12 » 29 Nov 2017 14:41

Contact the council.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has published an official document called the Guidance on Enforcement of Council Tax arrears. See This Document. On page 8 it provides for a local authority to return the account from bailiff administration and allow you to propose a repayment schedule you can afford.

Clause 4.4, if a bailiff is trying to force you to make payments you cannot afford then you can write to the council asking them to comply with the above guidelines and follow clause 4.5 by exercising its discretionary right to return the account to town hall control as a gesture of goodwill to protect you from further punitive action by the bailiff.

Bailiffs must not pressure a debtor to make unrealistic offers, paragraph 24 of the Taking Control of Goods, National Standards 2014.

This template letter will help you get started, it gives all the above regulations and gives the council an opportunity to avail itself to them and proposes a repayment of the arrears at a rate you can afford. Alternatively, you can use this letter courtesy of Mark1960 or this letter
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