Time not on date from Bailiff

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Time not on date from Bailiff

Post by traceym » 20 Mar 2018 21:26

I had 3 parking tickets from Marstons, £188 each, I paid 2 and a half on line. Leaving £116 to pay. I phoned no answer, so emailed asking for 14 days to pay. ( no reply ) I paid the Remaining money today ( before the 14 days ) I paid at 15:35 my receipt says. When i get home I have a hand posted letter saying I owe £357, I phoned and spoke to the bailiff direct, who said he posted the not at 15:00 so the £241 still needs to be paid, I asked to have till the end of the month ( pay day as I dont have a penny as just paid them) he said no he will back on Friday, more charges will be added if I dont pay. The letter he posted dosn't have a time on it, how do they not know i didnt pay the debt before they posted it through my door??? Can i fight this?

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Re: Time not on date from Bailiff

Post by Pote Snitkin » 20 Mar 2018 21:55

They don't know. You have proof of when you paid, they need to provide proof of when it was posted. If they can't then tough on them.
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Re: Time not on date from Bailiff

Post by John The Baptist » 20 Mar 2018 22:05

I'd be inclined to contact the council that issued the tickets.

Not only have you paid but you received no response from your (very reasonable) request to pay the balance within 14 days. The only reason for your email was that nobody answered your phone call. Explain how paying 2 and a half stretched you to the limit and that the National Standards state that debtors should not be pressed into making unreasonable offers. Yours was clearly not unreasonable and in the absence of a response, you assumed it had been accepted. There is little point offering an email service if Marstons just choose to ignore mails.

Copy Marston in on your communication. Then text the bailiff telling him you have contacted both the council and his office and ask him not to return until your communication with them is concluded.
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