Commercial rent arrears

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Commercial rent arrears

Post by Deb123 » 16 Dec 2017 14:28

Hi. I have missed 2 months payment on the rent on my shop. I have spoken to the landlord to explain the reasons why. Suddenly yesterday I received an email from Bailiffs saying I have until the 22/12/17 to pay the Money or make an arrangement to pay or they will come and sieze goods. This is a shock to be honest and wasn't sure if this is allowed without any court action first?.
Thanks Deb

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Re: Commercial rent arrears

Post by Schedule 12 » 16 Dec 2017 15:24

Unfortunately a landlord can enforce commercial rent without a warrant.

Section 72 of the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act
2007. ... s-recovery
I am a paralegal working for solicitors bringing proceedings against bailiffs for non-compliant enforcement action.


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