No date on the No.53 Writ of Fieri Facias

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#1 No date on the No.53 Writ of Fieri Facias

Post by imsureimright » 13 Dec 2013 11:01

Hi Good people, I wonder if anyone can help me on this. I was served a writ (and form 55) by a couple of bullies collecting on a CCJ. two things.

1) I had been to court on wed evening to have my application to set aside the judgement on grounds that it was a Ltd. company liability (he sued me personally) but it was not granted. I sent an email to The seriffs Office the next morning telling them that I had lost and wanted to pay the debt by cleared funds that day but question the validity and charges of a walking possession order that they had left outside my door, two weeks earlier while we were on family vacation. I received an email response stating that they had received my mail and that some would respond shortly (I assumed with the correct figure and to collect payment) Instead I heard nothing until 7am the next morning when two guys turned up seeking a further £1000 in fees/charges under form 55. clearly in my mind a money making oversize for a ripe victim.

2.both No. 53's do not have a date printed or written in the 'this writ was issued by the Croydon district registry queens bench on:- is this correct? how can I check the validity of this warrant? I

In total I got banged for £2800 payment on a £1000 debt collection - and they do it in the name of the law?!

Help please

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#2 Re: No date on the No.53 Writ of Fieri Facias

Post by Schedule 12 » 13 Dec 2013 22:45

If the debt is in the name of the Ltd company then a director cannot be held personally liable for the Ltd company cannot pay the debt, then the writ dies. It is called "nulls bona".

More here, ... y-Debt.htm

2. Phone the district registry and ask. Or post it up and well tell you if it's legitimate.

3 You are not liable for all those fees. It's an old scam they try on. This article explains how the great HCEO fees swindle works. ... ements.htm
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