Unlawful bailiff action

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Unlawful bailiff action

Post by Bona » 18 Nov 2014 20:16

A well know company of estate agents took out a writ of Fie fi on an amount they did not have judgement for. The county court stamped it and the bailiffs appeared to execute for over 100% more than what was owed if anything we had the whole thing set aside and they agreed that it was a mistake we got very basic cost back but nothing for the stress we suffered for 6 months my husband and I suffered in anxiety for that period we are pensioners do we have a claim for damages as they have admitted it was "a mistake"

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Re: Unlawful bailiff action

Post by Schedule 12 » 18 Nov 2014 20:23

It is not possible to obtain a writ without a judgment for the sum owed.

Run the High Court enforcement compliance check.
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