Bristow and Sutor Put in their place

Tell us how you beat the bailiffs.
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Bristow and Sutor Put in their place

Post by fefeshadowfire » 02 Aug 2016 01:55

I live in Cheshire east and a lot of you know if you fall behind on council tax the council like to stir things up by using bristow and sutor bailiffs , If you have delt with these idiots please do not open your front door and let them in open your bedroom window and film your conversation with them trust me this is not a joke these are nasty they bullies so many people specially those who are vulnerable young with children and the elderly ,Last year I moved into my property I am on benefits I receive housing and council tax benefits and I am one of these people who are forgetful if its out of site its out of mind and I screwed up instead of putting my bill on my pin board I got distracted by my kids and it got lobbed on a table under aload of other papers and moved about the livingroom ,I am a sod for mess , single parent 3 kids 2 now it all teenagers and 10 year old devil in sheep clothing but they mine and I love them to bits anyway when I had a good clean out i came across my payment plan and whoops it was to late knock knock bristow and suitor at my door and I made the mistake of opening the door now im only 5ft1 little woman but when my temper flares I make grown ass men cry I am relentless with my mouth not my fists I do not believe in violence and the only time i swear is when my patience as gone, he came in and he took a list of all the things in my home until i refused to sign and told him to get certain things off the list which belong to my kids so this long ass list he made got knocked down to five items my laptop , my ps3, my tv my microwave and funny enough my fryer which still makes me giggle as they all naffed and need replacing so on this occasion I was not bothered they went away and i started making payments until tragic event happened I lost my granddaughter as my daughter was underage i had a funeral to arrange and deal with all the emotions not just one person but of alot now I am one of these people who bends over backwards for people specially for family regardless if i am hurting and enforcement agents from bristow and suitor showed up and did not care if I was dealing with a death and said he some nasty stuff and tryed to force his way into my home until he saw i had a house full then he threatened to come back and take it all and I just snapped and laughed at him and said the day you try is the day you be in a hospital bed yes its wrong but I really did mean it at that time anyway I looked down at the paper and burst out laughing not only did they claim they had a liability order but they had this liability order before i ever moved into my property now for those who have no clue what a liability order is its this when issued by a court for council tax ::Your council can take enforcement action to recover the debt if a magistrates court makes a liability order against you for unpaid council tax. The council can then recover the debt by making regular deductions from your wages or benefits to pay for your council tax.:: Ok now for those who are clueless what the order is it means bailiffs can not take your items as they have nothing they do not have a liability order or a warrant to take your stuff that bristow and sutor are fond of scaring the crap out of you with now here is what i did i emailed bristow and suitor asking for all warrants issued to them by the court and all paper work by the council concerning my debt and in the email i stated i have all paperwork from all idiots that came to my door and from now on if anyone employed by them knocks on my door they will be filmed and they can only contact me by post i received few pages from the original dude who did the paperwork but not from the idiot threatening to steal from me so i had nice visit to the council which i asked them to show me the liability order they claimed to have for me which was issued last year the woman said it says its there but could not print me a copy of it which she made the mistake of saying but i can not find it now alarm bells went off in my head it just did not sit rite with me so few days later i received this liability order that was never sent to me in the first place here is the thing the council stated they took me to court but i never received a letter stating this i never actually received a reminder to pay which i keep all paperwork as I have been screwed over by councils before in the past so like i said nothing which is odd which i will advice all people to keep paperwork and pay your bills even if you pay it alittle late still pay it , but anyway i took a trip to the court with this liability order because they have to keep a record and the lady at the court searched the entire database as there was a scribble and i mean a scribble like a 2 year old does on paper for a signature for it and that alarm bell that i was on about earlier that went off well it panned out the liability order was a fake made by the council and I am about to deal with them about it but bristow and sutor have not bothered me since that email so i would advice anyone dealing with them to do the same email them giving them ten days to send you copys in the post but make sure you have stated that they will not be able to contact you on that email again otherwise they try sending you corrupt files and if the council state they can not do nothing until bristow and sutor give them back the case they are lying just tell them straight well looks like I wont be able to pay you then because I can not pay both sorry I am on low income , I own my debt i hold my hands up to it and i now pay my council bill so don't ignore it otherwise you be going through what i did and it's not nice its a headache but I will not pay bailiff fee's or be bullied and it is thanks to sites like this were i know my rights , if my eye did not catch the mistake it could of gone a different way so pay the bills does not matter if you agree with them or not you can always get your money back in a civil case against them if they found in the wrong

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Re: Bristow and Sutor Put in their place

Post by coffeepot » 23 Apr 2017 14:25

This is very difficult to read as you have not used any paragraphs.

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Re: Bristow and Sutor Put in their place

Post by Amy » 23 Apr 2017 15:33

The post was made in August last year, somehow I doubt he'll be back.

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Re: Bristow and Sutor Put in their place

Post by Michelle » 23 Apr 2017 20:57

Although I have to agree that it's difficult to read, it's a rather odd comment to make for someone who joined just a few hours ago, to post up about their own issues. :roll:
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