late payment cancelled agreement & £110 charge

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Andy Croft
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#1 late payment cancelled agreement & £110 charge

Post by Andy Croft » 06 Jun 2017 16:26

Ross & Roberts

Having paid almost all of my debt off (Business Rates from 2015 - I had 4 months to go @ £150) my May payment was late - It did arrive at their bank!
However because it was late they sent an agent who said the agreement is now cancelled and I must pay the outstanding balance.
I said I could not afford to do that having already paid this month - he checked with the office and the payment although late had arrived in their bank.
He said this didnt matter and I had to pay or they would take possession of my goods - My car was parked outside.
I asked him if the original debt had been cleared and if what was left was jsut their charges and he said they take their charges pro-rata as required under the new regulations for enforcment officers and then sai in the old days they took their charges first!
I said I had £86 in my account (having paid them!!) and he got nasty and said obviously I didnt have the money and that was why my payment was late!
He then said he was taking my car, ran to his van and drove it so close to mine that he hit the wing mirror!
He then said it was another £110 he just added to the bill.
I could not afford for him to take my car so I managed to get it paid on my credit card, but he refused to remove the charge saying he had taken possession of the vehicle so he wasnt going to remove the charge.
Any help would be most appreciated - if he put the charge on and it is not valid then I assume I can ask my credit card company to reverse the payment?
Any help would be most appreciated.

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#2 Re: late payment cancelled agreement & £110 charge

Post by Schedule 12 » 06 Jun 2017 17:48

Do a reclaim in the small claims court.

The £110 applies when the bailiff starts the process of taking the car to the place of sale. You can add the cost of the mirror.

Here is how to bring the claim: ... edure.html

Here is how to do a chargeback: ... geback.htm

The pro-rata is a myth. It only applies to proceeds of the sale of controlled goods.
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#3 Re: late payment cancelled agreement & £110 charge

Post by Edd » 06 Jun 2017 20:06

Threatened to take goods allegedly because of a late payment? Despite previously paying most upfront and clearing the balance? Allegedly all over one-hundred and fifty pounds too?

Surreal. Beyond comprehension. Sick....

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