Equita enforcement notice. Please help???

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Equita enforcement notice. Please help???

Post by Mummawolf » 14 Jun 2017 22:31

Hi guys.
First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this.
I have no idea where to turn, who to talk to and after an hour of frantic googling, I found this forum.
I'll keep it as short as possible-
Today, I came home from work, to a hand delivered letter from a debt enforcement agent saying they had attended today with intention of removing goods.


Did you get anything that looks like this? http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2014 ... edule/made

It says they will be back again tomorrow between 6am and 9pm with removal contractors and may remove goods in my absence.
Now the back history-
I went through a really difficult year and I stupidly buried my head in the sand with council tax.my fault entirely, I Get that, BUT, I have two letters from the council for 2 separate attachment of earnings orders. One for £148.90 and the other for 165.81...on my last 3 month pay slips there are THREE attachment of earnings payments coming out every month. One for £52.31, one for £34.75 and the other for £37.36.this has happened for the last 3 months.so I assumed the debts were being cleared.
My current council tax payments are for £40 a month, which I started paying last month (now I'm getting myself organised and sorted).
On the enforcement notice it says I owe a debt and court fee of £249.72, plus a compliance fee of £75.00, plus an enforcement fee of £235.00.so in total this enfircment agent says I owe £559.72.
I have no idea how the debts are now 4 separate debts, 3 of which are attatchment of earnings and one with a debt collector.
It looks like the council is taking multiuple enforcement steps concurrently.

I know they are different liability orders, but I have a feeling there might be something in the regulations that probit this.

I didn't realise I had any debts outstanding as I thought they were being covered by the three separate attatchment of earnings orders currently in place.
I didn't get home until 7.30pm so couldn't call the council and I've tried to call the debt collector twice and sent him a txt message explaining all of this and I'm absolutely certain this is an error with my council tax department.
What do I do from here?
I'm working tomorrow and am going to town hall tomorrow to find out what my debts are in total and what, other than the 3 payments already coming directly out of my pay plus the £40 a month I already pay, are still owed and to make a payment plan.
But how do I stop this bailiff?? I'm a single mum of two,

Does this apply to you? http://www.dealingwithbailiffs.co.uk/Ba ... eholds.htm

working part time and we don't own that much and what we do own I can't afford to replace and I can't have this happen to my kids.
I've read not to let the bailiff in and to keep all my Windows and doors locked but I have a dog flap and 3 dogs and I'm worried about the wellbeing of my dogs if this bailiff breaks into my garden and they try and protect their home as new dog laws stare if a dog bites someone in your garden I can be prosecuted, even if someone is breaking into your garden.
Can they call police to break into my home?

Protect yourself: http://www.dealingwithbailiffs.co.uk/Ex ... liffs.html

I'm certain I'm already paying these debts..this all started 10 months ago with a job that messed me about with pay and it messed up my housing benefit and council tax and it's taken until now for me to dig myself out of everything.
I don't understand how they can charge so much?
Does anybody have any advice at all?
Any help would be desperately appreciated.
Run this checklist and see what else it trumps up: http://beatthebailiffs.org/Council-tax-bailiffs.html

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