Council Tax Enforcement Fees HELP

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Council Tax Enforcement Fees HELP

Post by Rainbowcloud » 19 Jun 2017 11:02

Hi I'm looking for help with enforcement fees that have been added on to my council tax account with a bailiff company Dukes. I do not believe they were added on correctly but would just like some advice as i do not know the ins and out legally.
I had a payment plan in place for the 28 February

I lost my bank card and called the 24 February to state this.

I called on the 16 March to make a payment

Dukes told me my account had been passed on to an enforcement officer on the 8th march

They also said the enforcement officer had been to my house and posted a letter on the 15th march and they had called me.

I had not given them a number to call me on and stated on the phone not to save the number I was calling on as it was not mine.

I received no letter.

I was given the enforcement officers number and called him straight away on the15 March.

He was unprofessional and told me I had to get all of the money together £824 by Monday otherwise he would be round at my house.

He also said he had been to my house and dropped off the letter he said my tv was on in my front room 1st lie as this is my dining area my TV is in my back room. He got the colour of my front door wrong and also said I live in a Terensed house which I do not.

He then proposed a payment plan of £100 per week which was impossible due to recently having to go on to benefits due to a bereavement

I then found a brilliant company council tax advisors who took over my account and reassured me that if he had not been in my house and did not have a walking possession order he had a much right as a postman.

They then processed to try come to an agreement with them.

They dragged there feet until the 15th may and finally agreed on £60 per month

Council tax advisors could not deal with the enforcement fees.

I could then contact them on the 16th may to disburse the fees.

Just wanting some advice really as I think it ludicrous that companies like these take advantage of vulnerable people.If I had received the letter and the fees had been added on correctly I would be able to except that but these people are that confident that they can pray on Vulnerable people that they do not even bother sending enforcement officers out.

Sorry for such a long post just wanted to get all the facts in :)

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