Warning of notice of enforcement

Quash the Liability Order. Suspend Enforcement. Disputing Liabilities. Claim Damages for Misuse of Enforcement Power.
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Warning of notice of enforcement

Post by Sk2017 » 10 Aug 2017 22:44

If you have received a warning of notice of enforcement notice and been charged the compliance fee of £75 at this point but then not send the statutory notice of enforcement to some time later, can a bailiff do this? The legislations referred to three specific stages; compliance, enforcement and sales of goods.There's nothing about a pre stage before compliance,is this a grey area or is someone attempting to charge fees not in accordance with the law.Could the activities included in the compliance stage include this warning notice.At this warning stage, the case has not been assigned to a enforcement agent. Can a debtor refuse to pay the £75 as they have not been issued with the statutory notice of enforcement? Is not the same as a enforcement agent charging for activities they have not done? Fraud? Any caselaw on this??

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Re: Warning of notice of enforcement

Post by JimUk1 » 11 Aug 2017 00:04

Unfortunately, the compliance stage begins from the minute that the account is passed to the enforcement agent, not when the NoE is sent.

You were lucky to get a warning prior to a NoE
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