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Post by flangeandme » 02 Sep 2017 00:11

Hello everyone i am desperately trying to get some advise and help dealing with rossendales.
they hold a debt that is for council tax on the house my partner of 26 years and i rent. i was paying the bill at 50 per month . this however was arranged by the council after i made written complaints about one of their thugs who tried to push his way into my home past my partner and child shouting he was a court official and the police were on their way whilst also shouting at my 10 yr old autistic son, we are going to lock up your daddy and take your pets...seriously you couldnt make it up !
when i challenged him , demanded to know witch court he was employed by and informed him that i had called the police and would like very much to see his warrant card and paperwork he refused to show me .He then took his leave threatening to come back with his guys and a van and in his own words "we'll fucking see who has power to do what then wont we " thank goodness this was all witnessed by several people walking by at the time . when i complained to the council and rossendales they said i was a liar and that he had a chest cam to prove it . when i asked to see the footage the had to admit it was a lie . i at this point refused to deal with them and the council set it all up. i have NEVER signed an agreement for this with anyone . everything was going ok , then on the 19th of July my partner simon had a massive heart attack as he was getting ready to take our son to school . simon died in front of both myself and our beautiful child on the floor at home despite the valiant efforts of 4 paramedics . we had absolutely no clue he was ill. to say we are traumatised is an understatement i rang these utter bastards two days after and explained that i would have to resign my job as there was only me to take care of our devastated child now and that it would take me some time to sort my finances as i have been left with massive debts ..they gave me 14 days then sent a letter threatening another visit from their hired thugs i rang again to be told to ignore it that the welfare team would be in touch,the welfare team have never once tried to contact me . i had a letter wed, thurs and today , all the same . saying how dissapointed they are that i have chosen to ignore all the correspondence they have sent . this is the first correspondence i have had of them since i rang them . this letter demands that i give full details of my mental health and and a full explanation , to them ! why that means i can't work , a full detailed expenditure and a payment offer. how can i do that when i still havn't had a payment from my benefits . my son and i would go hungry if it wasn't for the kindness of my friends and i face the very real threat of loosing our home.The council know fully the terrible devastating situation my son and i are now in and will not help me with this .i am on meds for depression and panic attacks and my doctor now thinks i have ptsd..all i know is a i am falling apart i have no idea whats up or down anymore , i have no money to give them .i am all my son has now and the stress and constant harasment from these bastards is killing me . i really don't know what to do .i have spent the last two nights crying and panicing about them coming here there is only me and my son and i'm truly frightened . sorry if this went on a bit but i am so tired i am struggling to think straight, thank you so much for taking the time to read my jumble and i would be so very very grateful for any help , best wishes Sara x

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