Bailif fees after debt paid

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#1 Bailif fees after debt paid

Post by aleafstorm » 06 Nov 2017 18:10

Myself and my ex partner had outstanding Council Tax debts which were paid in full earlier this year. We both paid the monies straight to the council. They have confirmed to me in an email that the balance is zero ( ie none of that went towards bailiff fees )
They have got hold of my exes address and have sent her demands for money, both from before and after the debts were paid. It just about broke us individually paying the debt off and I'd like to not give the bailiffs a penny ( having paid bailiffs quite a few pennies in the last couple of years). I'm confused about the law but from what I gather they would have to take us to court to recover the fees ? She has just received a final notice for £385 in fees. I don't have much paperwork to help with their procedures as it wasn't coming to my address but I did write to the council to obtain some information which is as follows..

1 The dates the liability order were obtained was on 11.05.2010 and 30.06.10.
2 Flat Second Floor, 13b .....
3 The periods: 01.04.09 – 31.03.10 and 01.04.10 – 30.04.10
4 The balance of each liability orders was £217.67 and £125.00
5 Zero balance, direct Payment to the local authority of £451.83 received on 06.02.2017. Bailiff fees of £385.00 outstanding, which is payable to Reventus
6 The Liability orders were passed to Bailiffs on 10.08.2016

So No 2.. the address of the liability order is not the address my ex ( or I ) live at any more, all the letters and demands/shouting visits have been at her new address.
No 6 .. the liability order ( is this the same as a warrant of execution ? ) was 15 months ago.

So can they chase us for their fees only when Liability order is for a different address and 15 months old ?

I can post the most recent demand but I'm not sure that will help.

Thank you everyone !

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#2 Re: Bailif fees after debt paid

Post by aleafstorm » 06 Nov 2017 19:31

I omitted to say the date of their( Reventus ) final Notice demand for £385 is Nov 2nd 2017

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