Quash the Liability Order. Suspend Enforcement. Disputing Liabilities. Claim Damages for Misuse of Enforcement Power.
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Post by LUCYLOCKET » 22 Nov 2017 14:26


Am I correct in thinking the Bailiff Fees are only payable if the bailiff makes proper contact and you liase with them.

I have always refused to deal with them and I only paid the council the council tax that was owed. Not including any Fees. I have successfully - three times - done this and there is no law that forces us to deal with them - so the council take it back and I pay them directly.

I am currently helping a family member and they owe council tax but received no letters from the council at all, (although I believe they should have tried at least three times according to the statutory rules), and a bailiff just turned up out of the blue at their new address. - we are not talking to him and are not obliged to etc and I have advised my friend that they do not need to pay the bailiffs rip off joke fees.

Is there something on here that I must had read about this?

Thank goodness for this wonderful site.

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Post by Pote Snitkin » 22 Nov 2017 14:43

The fees can be applied once an enforcement stage has been reached whether the bailiff actually speaks with you or not.

The compliance stage is when the bailiff receives the account and sends a NOE. The bailiff must record the date this notice is given and allow 7 clear days from this date before he can move to the next stage. Note that the 7 clear days is not from the date on the NOE, but from the expected delivery date.

The next stage is the enforcement stage and is when a bailiff makes a visit. He doesn't need to make actual contact to charge this.

In a nutshell, the bailiff doesn't have to make physical contact to charge for these stages. Whether he gets paid them is another matter.
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