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#1 Rosendales

Post by Badger1badger » 24 Nov 2017 00:53


I am asking for advice on the above, recently they have been pushing threatening letters under the door. We did fall behind with council tax many years ago. Our account is now up to date and the council agree we don't owe anything, infact we are in credit.

This is causing undue stress and I am scared they will break in and take things

Please help

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#2 Re: Rosendales

Post by Schedule 12 » 24 Nov 2017 10:49

Bailiffs cannot break entry to recover council tax. Just file it in the bin.

If a bailiff is pestering you without lawful authority and threatens you with breaking entry then you can apply to the court for a restraining order giving a copy of the threat in evidence.
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#3 Re: Rosendales

Post by Badger1badger » 25 Nov 2017 15:20

Thanks schedule12

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