Council tax issues

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Council tax issues

Post by Jay007 » 18 Dec 2017 11:00

I need urgent help and advice please!!!

I am in council tax arrears and Phoenix had a visit and threatened to revisit today if not paid up.
I am a foreigner but have lived in this country for 11 years. I renew my visa and at the moment it's
at the home office after 3 years of legal battle. I have no recourse to benefit and can't work at the
minute. My bills are piling up, i live on family and friend and i do some legit property business but
far in between and highly irregular. My blood pressure is at the highest and my GP is warning me to
take things easy but i don't know how. Bailiffs are threatening a prison sentence but i'm not a criminal
I don't know what to do, council tax now running to £3000.00 inclusive of charges .

Please help!!!!

John The Baptist
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Re: Council tax issues

Post by John The Baptist » 18 Dec 2017 11:23

There is absolutely no way that a bailiff can have any input on you getting a prison sentence. He is lying to you, using the threat of prison to make you pay.

Prison is a last resort after every other form of enforcement available to a council has failed. The courts would frown upon a council asking for you to be imprisoned if they hadn't tried other measures first. The council could well expose themselves to costs of a hearing if they applied for you to be imprisoned. Also, the council won't want you to be imprisoned because if you are, they will have to write the debt off.

Provided that you accept that you owe the money, we can help you arrange to make repayments at a rate that you can afford. We can also look into the possibility of you obtaining a discount if your income is low.

Post back with as much info as you can if you would like us to help you. In the meantime, do not let the bailiff inside your home, keep all doors locked and make sure any cars belonging to you are parked away from your home.
Dodgeball on committal for council tax being a coercive measure - "FMOTL nonsense". Discuss

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