Councils using bailiffs to enforce debts as low as £50

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#1 Councils using bailiffs to enforce debts as low as £50

Post by Michelle » 23 Sep 2016 21:20

Councils are acting too quickly to use bailiffs when pursuing council tax debt, a report has claimed.

The Citizens Advice Cymru said council tax debt was the biggest debt problem it saw last year and it’s witnessing a growing problem with tax debt enforcement.

The report also found that attempts to pursue enforcement action were sometimes for debts as low as £50. ... low-as-50-

If the council tax debt is just £50, the £75 compliance stage fee would be 150% of the debt. :o
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#2 Re: Councils using bailiffs to enforce debts as low as £50

Post by outlawipcc » 24 Sep 2016 07:30

Reminds me of an article that featured in the Sunday Times a couple of years ago.

She’s at the door: Britain’s first £1m bailiff

"Debt collection on behalf of councils is booming as people are chased for as little as 1p..."

Of course, North East Lincolnshire council had to get its name in.....
Harrow council in London has said it is negotiating with bailiffs for a slice of the fees it charges for pursuing unpaid council tax and parking fines. A freedom of information request to North East Lincolnshire council revealed it issued 1,387 court orders for debts of less than £25 between 2006, and 2011, including 82 for less than £10 and three for just one penny.

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