Can you see this actually happening?

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Re: Can you see this actually happening?

Post by Schedule 12 » 18 Oct 2017 11:39

Its not new, but G4S entering the market is new. Marston won't be happy because it takes away their court fines business.

Private companies "arresting" people is not new and it had disastrous results, so new legislation is needed to enable private companies to restrain, detain and transport suspects. Its akin to a rent-a-cop with a god complex.
Private security firms such as G4S could be empowered to arrest fine dodgers
Needs legislation first. Otherwise an arrester can be accused of kidnap.

The Ministry of Justice published tender documents to run fine collections
Marston holds the present contract. Phillips (Serco) showed no interest in fine recovery. Not sure why court service wants to re-tender.

They want to outsource the collection of fines imposed by the nation's courts
Its been outsourced since 1992. The earliest pre-schedule 12 fee recovery I've done dates to a court fine from 1994 and the bailiff company ceased to exist years ago.

The controversial deal is believed to be worth in the region of £290 million
I doubt that will be self-financing. Most fines are paid, those farmed out to bailiff companies have less than a 30% recovery rate, and even then its carries an enormous risk.

HMCTS needs to balance successful fine recovery without burdening the taxpayer. Not a job I could take lightly, but shifting the risk away from the taxpayer is good in my book. Bailiff companies have indemnity insurance for when things become TARFU.

The BBC are running a bailiff and drive-by clamping story on the news today. The daily mail ran a similar story last week when a client sent a video of an illegal wheel clamp being cut off.
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