Help with downloading Templates

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Help with downloading Templates

Post by lawskeptic » 28 Dec 2013 03:10

Hi all, i am new to the forum, and glad to be here.

just a quick question, i am having problems getting the templates to download from the site, i have donated, and received the confirmation e-mail.

I have downloaded the entire collection in the zip file, but when i return to the main site, and start to click on the template links on given issues, so i know which one is best to use, they are failing to open ?.

any idea's ? it could be my anti-virus kicking in, but i am not getting any alerts ?

it would help to have a numbered index or reference to each template ?

appreciate any help

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Re: Help with downloading Templates

Post by Amy » 28 Dec 2013 09:02

If you hover your mouse over the template link on the site it will give you the title of the template, you then go to your zip file, choose the required template and open it from there.

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