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#1 Charge back

Post by Whiskers45 » 27 Jan 2014 10:27

Ripped conned and defrauded by rossendales , won't to start charge back , how does rossendales react , do councils just refund them and start the ball rolling again, how do we act the beat them amount £9750

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#2 Re: Charge back

Post by jasonDWB » 27 Jan 2014 13:13

£9750 is a huge council tax bill.

You will probably get an angry letter from Rossendales with threats of "fraud" and all that. They cant report you for anything because you can grass on them for cheating with their fees.
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#3 Re: Charge back

Post by Whiskers45 » 27 Jan 2014 13:40

Bought business in August 2013 rang
Council on how to pay business rates , told only send out bills feb /mar so we put monies to one side to pay , the previous owner gave our old personal address to the council. We were totally unaware to the rossendale baboon arrived screaming he had van and instructions to clear us out. Wonted amount in uncleared funds on the stop, my partner almost collapsed in tears she took out debit card , baboon snatched it and helped himselffor extra £800.00 , no paper work not bailiff etc

Can you imagine with 30 people and four staff in the middle of a city centre coffee shop , what a thing to do.

With doing charge back won't council refund rossendales

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