Non domestic rates 40k owed baliff visit

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#1 Non domestic rates 40k owed baliff visit

Post by Maesterio » 11 Feb 2014 12:42

Hi guys,

I have had a baliff visit with a notice from a district council that I owe them 40k. The company is a limited company and my house address is nowhere on the company papers. I am the director of the company and do not have a personal garuntee.

How can the baliffs send me a final balif removal notice on my home addressed to a private limited company. I believe that they can only take company assets, after all it is a LIMITED company for a reason!

Do they have the right to take my personal belongings when the company owes the council money? I'm I liable to pay these as the director?

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#2 Re: Non domestic rates 40k owed baliff visit

Post by jasonDWB » 11 Feb 2014 13:35

You are not personally liable for the biz rates of a company. The council can only enforce a liability order against e company, and not it's directors at their homes.

You can make a formal complaint addressed to the council for sending bailiffs to your home address in respect of no company debt that is/was operating elsewhere.
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