Quashing Orders. Stopping Enforcement. Applying for more time to pay. Disputing a liability.
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Post by be86 » 06 Apr 2017 14:21


Partner just received a letter from Advantis debt company asking for £400 in regards to HMRC.

My partner had not been paying tax, however he has now got into contact with an accountant who has filed his returns for him. He has to pay a fine which is around £4k, we are still waiting on HMRC to confirm this.

However I assumed that this £400 would be included in the fine that we have to pay for, we have talked to his accountant and he has said that we should not pay it, as it could be dodgy.

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Post by delta157 » 06 Apr 2017 14:54

It's looks like you have 4 penalties for late filing of your tax return.

You maybe able to make an arrangement to clear this with HMRC directly.

Also if you failed to put your returns in on time and tax is owed to you then they may remove the penalties.

If you owe tax then make payment to stop further late fees....

Always make any payments directly to HMRC and not some money grabbing DCA...

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