Council rent debt letter

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Council rent debt letter

Post by Masoom » 19 Jul 2017 09:36

Hi. I'm new here and hope someone can please help.

I received a debt collection letter two weeks ago regarding a council arrears. I emailed them asking for information as I don't recall any debt and all my council tax, rent, etc., are up to date. I received a reply saying they didn't know and I should contact the council which I did.

Also, I emailed the debt collectors to confirm that and requested to stop any actions until I received a reply. They said they will stop any further actions for seven days which has now elapsed and I didn't hear anything from council yet.

I now think this might be related to my previous address (homeless) rent arrears. However, I don't have any confirmation of that. I also never received any correspondence from council regarding any of that until the debt collectors letter addressed to my current home.

Do I assume this is the debt and start a repayment plan or wait for them to contact me. Also, I left my previous address three years ago.

Thank you in advance

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Re: Council rent debt letter

Post by Schedule 12 » 19 Jul 2017 10:37

If you are not living at the rent arrears address, then an enforcement power is needed to enforce payment.

Let's see what documentation you have been given.

A Notice of Enforcement looks like this: ... edule/made

and it must give sufficient information to enable you to identify the source of the debt.
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Re: Council rent debt letter

Post by delta157 » 03 Sep 2017 19:06

Unless the Local Authority (LA) has taken you to Court then what you have may just a letter from a Debt Collection Agency (DCA). You Don't have to pay them a penny, contact the LA and ask them for the reason for the debt, failing that you can send the LA a Subject Access Request (SAR) this costs a tenner and they then have just 40 days to comply with it, this should allow you to see how the debt has arisen. I don't recommend that you call the DCA unless you are recording the call, keep everything in writing so you have a paper trail if you need it later on...

If you do know about the arrears and want to clear them then I would strongly recommend that you enter in to a reasonable payment plan before it does go to Court (unless it already has) because if it does, then the whole game changes for you and your bill rockets like its no ones business.

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