Moved house, now bailiffs?

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#1 Moved house, now bailiffs?

Post by foxie367 » 15 Nov 2016 10:15


I'm looking for some advice (hoping to find out more before bailiff returns this evening!)

I moved out of my house early last year, changed my address with DVLA (so my driving licence showed the new address), but didn't change the address on my vehicle documents.

A few weeks ago I moved back to my old address (the house had been empty but there were various people including the estate agent sorting through things ), I opened all letters that were there and sorted everything out. Last night, I came home and there was an enforcement notice from a bailiff advising I owed £709 from 3 unpaid parking charges, and that he would be returning today to clamp my car/seize goods. I asked him for a fee breakdown and he advised it was £249 for the original PCNs and court costs, x3 £75 compliance fee for each PCN and £235 enforcement fee for having to come yesterday.

I just wanted to know what my options are more than anything - do I have any justification in appealing the charges as I can provide evidence I wasn't living at the address at the time (even though it was my error)? Am I able to contact the council and offer to pay for the original charges in the hope that the bailiffs fees are waived? Or should I just accept it's my error and pay the bailiff. Other than my car, I don't really have any goods of value that can be seized, but I am in full time employment should it come down to an attachment of earnings.

Thanks all - appreciate any advice you can give :)


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#2 Re: Moved house, now bailiffs?

Post by Schedule 12 » 15 Nov 2016 10:37

Appeal them and select the grounds 'you did not receive a Notice to Owner (NTO)' and include evidence of your having vacated the registered address

Here is how to start the appeals process. Have PCN numbers ready. ... ailiff.htm
Run this Checklist. If no joy, then we'll fix it

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