Marston Holdings final notice for Dartford crossing

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Marston Holdings final notice for Dartford crossing

Post by JonZ8 » 17 Nov 2016 10:29

Dear Sir

I had 2 enforcement agents turn up at my door yesterday morning at 6am demanding i pay £425.00 for a crossing i made on the dartford bridge in November last year.

the car in question was a rental car i had for the day whilst my own car was in the garage being repaired.

i was unaware of this fine and have received no notification from either Enterprise car rental or marston holdings regarding this prior to the agents turning up on my doorstep.

the initial fee for the crossing is £2.50, so i find it quite unreasonable that they are asking for £425.00 for a £2.50 toll fee.

also, should i have received a court summons of some description with regards to this fine?

the debt collectors are trying to claim £190.50 for the unpaid crossing, plus an additional £235.00 for the 2 bailiffs turning up on my doorstep.

whilst i admit that i made this crossing, i find it highly unreasonable that i wasn't notified of this until they arrived yesterday morning.

also, i live in a rented property that was furnished and any other goods within the property that weren't there when we moved in have been purchased by my fiancee (we have sworn this in with a solicitor) we have 2 cars, but these are on finance (£3000.00 of finance on my fiancee's car and £10,000.00 of finance on my car) so i'm assuming that have no legal standing to remove anything from my property??

the agents didn't produce a high court writ or any description, just a "Marston" letter headed piece of paper with final notice written across the top. is there anything i can do to stop this action? the 2 enforcement agents said they would be back tomorrow (Friday 18th November to collect the full £425.00 or goods will be removed) am i right in thinking that without producing a high court writ then they are effectively trespassing on my property? and how do i stand legally if i refuse them entry to my property? are they allowed to summon a locksmith to break into my property?

any info/advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Marston Holdings final notice for Dartford crossing

Post by Syd Snitkin » 17 Nov 2016 12:33

It won't be anything to do with the High Court - Dart Charge is dealt with by the TEC. You need to make a representation to Dart Charge here - ... esentation

In the meantime, the bailiff has no power to force entry. Are the cars on finance or HP? If on finance, they will still target them, but only those in your name.
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