Charge Notice - Ace Security Services - Reason 59: Not Displaying a Valid Permit

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Charge Notice - Ace Security Services - Reason 59: Not Displaying a Valid Permit

Post by Metdisk » 09 Jun 2017 19:27

So, first ever 'parking fine' and would be grateful for some help and advice from the those in the know....

I have a parking permit which allows me to park my car on private land which is a council estate (to make it clear - this is a residential area, and not a commercial one) owned by Lewisham Council, of which the freehold is managed by Lewisham Homes - an NPO and ALMO set up by Lewisham Council. A company called Ace Security Services (the trading name of Pace Recovery & Storage Ltd) have been a member of the IPC since November 2015 and are contracted by Lewisham Homes to 'manage' the parking - there is clear signage in the area and it is they who issue the resident permits, and also penalty charges!

The permit is always fully readable given its location on the dashboard (contained within a plastic wallet - one side of which is transparent and the other is white) as per its instructions of 'TO BE DISPLAYED PROMINENTLY'. However, one day I must have absent-mindedly put it back facing upside down, so that only the white rear of the wallet was visible. A few weeks later (the car isn't used that often), I come back to it (therefore this was windscreen-issued and not through the post) and find a 'Charge Notice (CN)', so worded differently from a Penalty Charge Notice or a Parking Charge Notice. It has been issued by Ace Security Service citing Reason 59: Not Displaying a Valid Permit.

Entering the CN's reference number and the listed vehicle registration (more on that later!) on their payment website ( ( shows enough evidence to make their claim - photos of the car, the dashboard, the (correct) registration plate, the windscreen, the windows, and interior. Annoyingly, there is a specific photo of the plastic wallet itself, but as it is upside down, obviously the permit cannot be seen!

That said, there are 2 issues with the issuance of the notice:
1) The recorded colour is white. My car is certainly not white! The photos also say display otherwise.
2) More importantly - the recorded vehicle registration is incorrect, as one of the characters does not match (along the lines of 1 instead of I or 0 instead of O). Entering the recorded registration on (or any other database for that matter) will not yield anything. As I understand it, the ticket does not comply with the Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions General Regulations [2007] therefore is not enforceable. Is this correct?

So, in addition to the above, my questions are:
1) What is the difference between a Charge Notice and the other PCNs (I understand the difference between the Penalty/Parking Charge Notices - it's the Charge Notice which I am struggling to define)?;
2) Am I correct in the understanding that the ticket is not enforceable due to the error on the recorded vehicle registration?
3) If so, should I appeal it citing relevant legal precedent, or just ignore it?
4) If a Notice to Owner (or Notice to Keeper) letter is eventually served (by them realising their mistake and sending the correct registration to the DVLA), are there normally additional costs ('admin' fee etc) associated with it, or would it just be the originally requested amount?
5) It is claimed in various forums (including this one) that where the reg is incorrect, it can safely be ignored as the registered keeper cannot be contacted using the info on the charge notice. In my situation, given that it is parked in a private residential area (land owned by Lewisham Council), is there anything else they could do to try and enforce the notice? I understand that as of 1st October 2012, clamping and towing on private land was banned in England and Wales, but just wondering if there are any other tactics they could apply?

Whilst I recognise that I am at fault for not displaying the permit properly and that part of me wants to chalk it up as a life experience and just cough up the £100, another part wants to contest it as I have already purchased a permit which allows me to park my car there. Given that Ace appear to have a reputation for being fairly ruthless, I want to appeal this but obviously want to make sure that there won't be any repercussions i.e. court letters.

Photos of the Notice are included - wobbly hands and the fact the notice was outside for 2 weeks before it was noticed, and some rain had gathered in its plastic envelope means that it may not come out too well. Can reattempt if necessary!

All advice gratefully received!


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Re: Charge Notice - Ace Security Services - Reason 59: Not Displaying a Valid Permit

Post by Schedule 12 » 09 Jun 2017 20:38

This is nothing to do with bailiffs. It's a private company issuing private parking tickets. ... ickets.htm
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Re: Charge Notice - Ace Security Services - Reason 59: Not Displaying a Valid Permit

Post by Syd Snitkin » 09 Jun 2017 20:47

Ace Security Services..... aka ASS.
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Re: Charge Notice - Ace Security Services - Reason 59: Not Displaying a Valid Permit

Post by Metdisk » 12 Jun 2017 22:05

@ jasonDWB - sorry, I jumped the gun a bit. Thanks for the link.

@ Pote Snitkin - the acronym hasn't gone unnoticed...!

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Re: Charge Notice - Ace Security Services - Reason 59: Not Displaying a Valid Permit

Post by GDB » 23 Jun 2017 12:41

If they do not have the correct registration (number plate) details - how are they going to pursue you for the alleged contravention.

As you have stated already - the reg does not even show up on MID database

Piddling in the wind springs to mind.

File under B1N and forget about it - don't go writing letter, making phone calls regarding this as they will get your details via the back door.

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