Register of Tickets??

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#1 Register of Tickets??

Post by Jonathan2204 » 13 Jul 2017 07:42

Recently our car was clamped on a public road near where we live. The bailiffs said the clamping was due to "unpaid tickets" and showed me a screen (on his tablet) showing a number of tickets. I paid circa £500 (debit card) to have the car unclamped. And I got a receipt for the money paid. Also, I had made it clear that the payment was to clear "any and all" outstanding tickets. The bailiff said this was indeed the case and, in front of me, said he was emailing me a "screen shot" of all the tickets. Needless to say I never received that.

My question is - was I scammed? We had moved a couple of years ago and I had NOT filled in the form to DVLA to show a change of address. So IF we had received tickets they would have gone to the old address and we never received ACTUAL notice of them. But the bailiff had the old address and said they had been looking for us/the vehicle there. Is there a central register of tickets? How do I find out what tickets (if any) are outstanding against the vehicle? If there are any, they would be from various councils, maybe speeding tickets, congestion charge etc. Who knows.

In the past I have either paid tickets or disputed them IMMEDIATELY upon receiving them. Any help appreciated.

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#2 Re: Register of Tickets??

Post by Schedule 12 » 13 Jul 2017 09:00

You need to get the PCN Numbers of each and every ticket the bailiff took money for.

Then you follow this process to make a late appeal. ... ailiff.htm

You must give evidence on each appeal of the address you moved. Otherwise, the court will not accept your grounds
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#3 Re: Register of Tickets??

Post by Jonathan2204 » 13 Jul 2017 11:50

But HOW do I find out the tickets? I have no idea who issued them, what they were for, if they are genuine. I wrote to the bailiffs asking for a list of the tickets. which they promised to send me when I paid to get the car released. But they never did.
My issues is I do NOT KNOW the PCN numbers (or any other details). My question is HOW do I find this out?

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#4 Re: Register of Tickets??

Post by Pote Snitkin » 13 Jul 2017 12:02

Refer it to the HCEOA. Inform them that the bailiffs are refusing to provide the info. ... 50540e5a3d - False alarm, it wasn't him. Maybe next time.

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