PCN dart charge, possible baliff visit

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PCN dart charge, possible baliff visit

Post by Emily23 » 01 Aug 2017 17:11

I hope someone can help me from having multiple panic attacks

I called the dart charge today because I realised I didn't pay for my crossing last weekend. I asked for my pcn number as I knew a fine was imminent. He said I had 4 outstanding crossings and that 4 had gone to enforcement. I don't remember making these and don't have any letters but sure ok. I paid for my 4 outstanding crossings which had reached 302 pounds and asked who I could contact about enforcement as frankly I'm shitting myself. He said he can't provide me with any information as once it's passed to enforcement it's out of his hands.

I've had no contact from any enforcement agencies, no letters, no phone calls, no emails, nothing. When I bought the car they said they'd send my log book and I never received it. The address on my driving licence is my mums (I know I need to change it).

My question is I'm terrified so what do I do? Even if the bailiffs come I have no way of paying any sort of fines, I'm a single mum on maternity leave who's scraping to get by anyway. I want to contact them first but have no way of doing this? What do I do when they show up? Why haven't they showed up already? I'm so terrified.

Hope someone can help.

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Re: PCN dart charge, possible baliff visit

Post by Amy » 02 Aug 2017 11:55

You need to commit all this to writing, telephoning is never a good idea because for a start he might have misheard your registration or it could have got lost in translation from his ears to his fingers. Writing is always the best option and you could be stressing over nothing.

Dart Charge cannot simply say you owe for 4 crossings and leave it at that. Did they tell you the dates? Did they tell you which direction you were travelling? Can you tally any of these dates up with possible reasons for the crossings? Or can you prove you were elsewhere?

You also need to follow up on your lack of logbook issue. Call the DVLA again and follow everything up with an email or at least take the name of the person you spoke to and write it down with a date and time of the call.

With a bit of detective work, you might find out what has gone on here.

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