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Help with parking fines

May of 2016 I was diagnosed with pituitary tumour, what leads to Cushing , a very serious illness, been toid i going to loss my eye sight in the near future , my left eye has lost 40% vision in the last few months due to tumour growing bigger , unfortunately hospital can’t operate but will start radiation treatment very soon, because of the tumour my memory is fading , all I do know is sleep so tired .

When I was diagnosed with tumour at the same time I give my car to my daughter , I ask her to sign the log book for me , but she didn’t bother for a few months , and got parking charges unknown to me , the car was registered at my old address , i never change the logbook when I move out ,as I was temporarily staying at different friends after a messy divorce.

About three weeks ago I move back to my exwife after I came so Ill , and that when I found the letter from equita demanding £3000 , at first I didn’t have a clue what it was about but my daughter admitted to it , as her why she didn’t tell me in the beginning, she was worried more pressure what make my tumour worst . I moving out of my exwife today as it was a temporary stay ,

I emailed Islington council , explained as above, and explained about my illness and sent supporting documents of my brain tumours, their responses was to me to phone tec and tell them about my plight, after three days of constant phoning I got through , two of these days I was in hospital , unfortunately I didn’t have my parking charge numbers , the gentleman at TEC was unable to help with my case , but I explained but about my situation, and told me I don’t need to phone Tec again , and the council should take back the debt , due to my vulnerabilitie due to poor health , i phone council , and they said they can’t I have to speak to tec , just going round in circles, this is having a massive toll on my health , im in and out of hospital, and I just feel knackered. I have started to take out bankruptcy proceedings, as it’s the easiest route , not a route I want to take , but I feeling to weak to have a constant battle with the council,

Can anyone advise me please

Regards mark

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Re: Illness

Post by Schedule 12 » 29 Oct 2017 11:28

Please do not take bankruptcy out to negate a parking ticket. The law says bailiffs fees may not be recovered from vulnerable people and may not take control of goods in the presence of them who are alone. ... eholds.htm

I would appeal the PCN if you have grounds. Otherwise the bailiff will target the car regardless whether is tax been sold. A sale is only effective if the flow of money for the purchase took place before the date the warrant was issued.

Do not engage the council or the bailiff company. They will mess you about. The car must be taken out of circulation. Bailiffs do not have a right to force entry to recover parking tickets.
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