Notice of enforcement from Newlyn / L B of Harrow

Stop or Suspend Enforcement. Appeal the PCN. Claim Damages for Unlawful Interference with Vehicles.
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#1 Notice of enforcement from Newlyn / L B of Harrow

Post by Joker » 13 Nov 2017 14:28

Hi All,

I wonder if you can help me out here. I have just received an Notice of enforcement from newlyn for a contravention dating: 15th November 2016 but this is the first time i hear of this contravention. I have not received any PCN from the council nor have i received any letters from newlyn. I called newlyn as soon as i received the letter and they claimed that they previously sent me a letter in September. They also claimed that the council would have sent me communication of the PCN which i have never received.

I have been resident at my current address since 2014, registered on electoral roll, the council has my email details so there is no way that the council would not have my details.

Date notice issues: 10th November 2017
Enforcement agent reservation number: 3784686

About this notice
You have been sent this notice of enforcement because you have not paid money that you owe

Who you owe money to: L B of Harrow
The amount you owe them: £203.00
Their ref/account no. HR87740407

Enforcement Details
Details of the court judgement or order of enforcement power by virtue of which the debt is enforceable

Warrant of Control dated 10/08/2017 for Non Payment of Penalty Charge Notice

Contravention Details: Vehicles entering pedestrian zone

Contravention Date: 15/11/2016

Vehicle Registration: KM54SKF

Sum Outstanding
Debt: £203.00
Compliance stage fee: £75.00
TOTAL sum outstanding: £278.00 (as at the date of this notice)

When to make payment
You must pay or agree a payment arrangement with the enforcement agent by:
Date: 24/11/2017
Time: 08:00 hours

If you do not pay
If you do not pay or agree a payment arrangement by the date above, an enforcement agent will visit you and may seize your belongings - this is called 'taking control'. These belongings may then be sold to pay the money you owe. These actions will increase the costs of the enforcement and theses costs will be added to the amount already owed.

Possible additional fees and expenses of enforcement
If the sum outstanding remains unpaid or you have not agreed a payment arrangement by the date and time above you may be charged the following (enforcement agent to detail further possible fees and expenses)

£235.00 Enforcement fee plus 7.5% of all debts over £1500.00

£110 Removal fee plus 7.5% of all debts over £1500.00

End of letter

I have sent an email to asking for clarification but i doubt they will reply any time soon.

I have no problem in paying the actual fine if i received the actual contravention but 1 year later and now there is a threat of bailiff knocking on the door. My wife is freaking out.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards

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#2 Re: Notice of enforcement from Newlyn / L B of Harrow

Post by Schedule 12 » 13 Nov 2017 18:42

Get the PCN number, which should be on the notice of enforcement. If it is not on the NOE then its invalid because it must enable a debtor to identify the source of the debt.

With the PCN number, call 0300 123 1059 and press 6 to skip the robot. When you get a human answer, give the PCN number and do the DPA security check. Ask the following and writs down the answers.

The DATE of the Contravention
The ADDRESS on the warrant of control
The contravention.
Which forms are needed to lodge an appeal. It will be either PE3/2 and or TE9/7

Then decide if the date predates your move in 2014 otherwise you need to find out why you did not get a Notice to Owner. Complete the appeal forms and email them to and that will suspend the enforcement until the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) decides the outcome of your appeal.
Run this Checklist. If no joy, then we'll fix it

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