Help with TFL PCN

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Help with TFL PCN

Post by kellymariemy » 23 Nov 2017 11:26

Hi all.

Baliffs turned up this morning at 6.30am waking my 5 year old child up - though I have paid the PCN saying that they are owed £230 for their fee.

He would not budge - I showed him evidence that the debt had been paid - he said he was aware that it had been paid but his fees were outstanding. This was the first time he had shown up. Luckily I had some cash so paid him to get him off as my son was getting very upset with this stranger in our house so early in the morning.

The post man has just arrived with a letter from the enforcement stating that as at 21/11/17 I owed them £278 - which I paid via bank transfer on that day! No mention of baliffs coming and no mention of extra fees. Please help where I stand.

I am going to call them today to complain and try and get my money back!

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Re: Help with TFL PCN

Post by Schedule 12 » 23 Nov 2017 18:21

If you have already paid the PCN before the bailiff attended then you can recover all money paid on the attendance date plus £500 damages and £50 a minute then bailiff was at the property.

This article explains the legal position why the bailiff acted without lawful authority. ... emand.html

You recover the money from the council the bailiff was acting for by bringing an action in the small claims court, here is how to bring the action. ... edure.html

Do not make a complaint, you will be fobbed off with excuses.
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