Enforcement letters sent to non existent address

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Enforcement letters sent to non existent address

Post by Peejay » 30 Dec 2017 21:39


I would be grateful for some advice regarding a letter I received today.

It’s is a “notice of enforcement agent visit to my premises” letter for an amount of over £500. It states that a certified enforcement agent has visited my premises with the intention of taking control of the goods and removing those goods in accordance with the tribunals, courts and enforcements act 2007.

Apart from a bailif reference number it just details - “outstanding: road traffic” and “due to: London borough of croydon”

I live at number 18 and the letter is addressed to number 108 (which doesn’t exist in my close).

A quick bit of history - I bought a van a couple of years ago and didn’t realise until October of this year that there was actually a typo on my vehicle registration document (the vehicle was registered at 108 **** Close, instead of 18 **** Close). I corrected this in about October of this year. I assume that whatever the original fine was and all previous documentation has been sent to number 108 (which doesn’t exist)

Obviously this is genuinely the first I’ve heard about this fine and I would have paid any fine immediately rather than letting it get out of hand and increase to such a high amount.

Any advice on what to do next, how to proceed would be great.

Should I contact the bailiff and explain the mistake, should I contact Croydon council etc...

Many thanks


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