PCN Residents Bay (mine)

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PCN Residents Bay (mine)

Post by MrMe » 03 Jan 2018 12:14

Hi, I have a letter through from One Parking Solution for my residential parking bay. The car is owned by my ltd company, which is not registered at my home address, I am the sole owner of the Ltd company.

Simply the parking permit had slipped off the windscreen and was covered by the dashboard. The picture sent to me shows just the front of my car, the number plate and front grill. Not the bay number or the windscreen itself. I would imagine the picture was taken this way to avoid showing the top of the permit.

I'd rather get the letter to them correct, rather than waste time going back and forth. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

Many Thanks

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Re: PCN Residents Bay (mine)

Post by Schedule 12 » 03 Jan 2018 14:07

Parking companies rely on applying for default judgments. That is getting a judgment unchallenged. When a claim becomes a defended one, the claim becomes toxic for the parking company.

Wait till they make a demand for money then make your intentions to "vigorously defend" the claim. Use blind expressions, such as, the claim "is fraught with difficulty" and "is bound to fail". Do not give a legal argument until the day of the trial - if they still decide to pursue it. Because you can claim costs as a litigant in person and a litigant makes £19 an hour preparing a skeleton argument. I can prepare them for a small fee, and you can use it as the basis of your defence as well as claim CPR 46.5 litigants costs.
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