2x TFL PCNs red route.

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#1 2x TFL PCNs red route.

Post by ccharliee » 29 Jan 2018 20:25

Evening everyone,

Battling with PCN's once again with TFL and now Equita are sending their lovely letters, I was given two in the same place close to where I live both on a red route (no stopping any time fully in acceptance with paying them if I had to or had absolutely no grounds) first one was given to me by community support police who go around on bikes giving out tickets as one wheel was very slightly on the red lines as I pulled up to load my van with expensive and heavy tools, it happened so quick I didn't even see the guy, the PCN issued was not done correctly and was half stuck on the wind screen and the tag that peels off to seal the envelope was open and I genuinely did not receive the PCN so had to wait for the next stage to come in the post, once it did I appealed it and heard nothing from it, until Equita sent their letters, I put in an out of time application it was processed but I did not receive the response and this week I have received further letters from Equita and have contacted the TEC for information via the email I was in discussion with and they have not responded and I cannot get through via their call centre as I get stuck on hold which is almost impossible due to work to sit and wait for, I feel TFL should have given me the original PCN amount due to the mix up or cancelled it as I provided picture evidence of it on the screen with the tag still there where it was not peeled off and no notice within it.

Second PCN, stopped on the red route, same place, the road is a dead end and I had to pull over on the double red line and wait for a car which was being towed before I could move, and due to the chaos it was causing there was no space to turn around as everyone else was doing the same thing, traffic warden walks around the corner and gives 3-4 of us tickets for being stopped on a red route, appealed this as it was physically impossible to move or dangerous to reverse onto a busy A road, did not hear back, phoned numerous times and was told it was on hold, it was refused and again I did not receive any response, filed an out of time application again and heard nothing back, and have emailed for an update, Equita have now sent another letter.

Both letters received from Equita were written at least 5 days prior to myself receiving them which I feel they have lied about the date printed but this cannot be proved, is there any way around this or am I now at the stage where I have to make payment and for some unknown reason pay a £75 'compliance fee'

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#2 Re: 2x TFL PCNs red route.

Post by Schedule 12 » 30 Jan 2018 01:06

Not a solicitor. I am a paralegal for solicitors bringing proceedings against non-compliant enforcement action.

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