Who do I write to?

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#1 Who do I write to?

Post by jacksona86 » 11 Apr 2017 15:39

Hello Everyone :)

I am new to this and I really need some advice. I will ring Citizens Advice Bureau also to gain advice, but I wondered if anyone on here had the answer.

It all started when a guy from TV Licensing turned up at our address stating that we did not have a tv license, we do have a tv license and always have but he had our address mixed up with another property down our street, both of which are similarly named but have totally different post codes...
And he took my name and linked it to that address and reported it back to the tv licensing! Anyway my partner called tv licensing that night and told them that this was issued for the wrong address and that we have always had a license etc. To which they confirmed and apologized for the inconvenience.

Anyway, a few months later, we both returned home from work and found a notice of enforcement on the door! We were completely surprised and by this time TV License, Marston Group and Brighton Magistrates Court were closed. We tried to call the bailiff to explain but he was all like 'I am just doing my job'. The next day, it took my partner literally the full day to sort this out, and none of the companies were communicating so he was having to ring each one individually, repeat himself etc. Eventually, the courts agreed that the case would be adjourned in light of the new evidence, so we were then told that it had all been dealt with, to which we still had to call Marston's and prompt Brighton Magistrates Court to instruct Mastons to leave off!

We then wrote a letter of complaint to TV Licensing to which they sent us a cheque for a small amount.. but since we believed it was sorted we just accepted and left it at that for a few weeks until..

This morning the bailiffs turned up again at 8am saying that Brighton Magistrates Court had not been in contact and that they had to seize goods. I already had the door open! So I called my partner in a blind panic to which he had to turn around and come home on his way to work. I was late to work and he had to spend the full morning sorting this out so he lost out on a mornings worth of wages and this was all to find out that Brighton Magistrates had not kept Marston's up to date. They even accepted responsibility. Now after all of this polava, I am going to write a letter of complaint to Brighton Magistrates Court, Marston's and Tv License. But I am wondering, is there anyone I can take this too such as the council or anything like that to sort of raise awareness or gain some sort of closure? If you know what I mean. I just feel like after all this stress and now loss of earnings we need to be heard out properly.

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#2 Re: Who do I write to?

Post by Pote Snitkin » 11 Apr 2017 18:44

The court have accepted liability, so your complaint must be aimed at them. They should be offering your husband compensation as their error has affected you financially. Address everything to the court manager, use email and normal post (recorded delivery). Tally up the loss of earnings and any other costs you incur - be sensible though.

The council won't want to know, it's nothing to do with them. Contact your local MP and explain the situation and the resolution you want.
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