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#1 Marstons....PLEASE HELP ASAP

Post by N82anders » 24 May 2017 12:41

I was recently fined for not having a TV license. I spoke to Collectica who told me that it had gone to far and that my case had been passed to Marstons for enforcement.
On Monday this week a bailiff knocked at my door, I didn't let him in and he posted a final notice through the letterbox.
I'm currently dealing with StepChange debt charity to set up a debt relief order. I understand that this magistrates fine cannot be covered by a DRO and my advisor told me to call the courts fine officer and ask them to take the fine back and come to an arrangement with themselves. I did this and was told that CDNEn enforcement can't take the fine back unless it's passed back to them by Marstons.
I called the bailiff on the number he left and told him of my circumstances. I explained that I have nothing of any value in my property, I don't even have floor coverings down as I'm a single parent who is self employed and struggling to make ends meet. He said he would call back today and all he wants is to come in and see that I have nothing and then he will send the case back to court.
I have read some of the advice on this forum and have rang the bailiff back to explain again that I am a single parent, I have no means to pay the full £680 and that when I was fined, I wasn't financially assessed by the court. His answer was that he has a warrant to enter my property and he will do so tonight.
I'm not long out of a violent relationship and I'm frightened. My kids will be home tonight and I'm worried about their mental health as well as my own if he starts banging my door down or enter the property with force.
I can't get through to an advisor at StepChange as the lines are busy and I don't know what else to do. PLEASE HELP ME

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#2 Re: Marstons....PLEASE HELP ASAP

Post by Schedule 12 » 24 May 2017 18:16

Stepchange are into debt management. They source clients from the CAB and other official sources, accordingly, their advice will follow what the establishment wants them to say. I recently sat in with a TV crew researcher speaking to them over the phone (posing as a potential customer) and I was blown away with the reaction from them. Apart from that, they were more interested in collecting personal data and names of creditors to make statistics from them.

Question: Did you know about the proceedings BEFORE you were convicted? Then I can tell what redress is available.
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