Final notice from Marston

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Final notice from Marston

Post by Laineboo » 11 Jul 2017 22:27

Hi ,
A few years ago I moved into my current property with nothing and had fled from a domestic violence relationship .

To cut along story short we had nothing , so no bills were paid as to provide the things we needed

Stupidly I got caught twice without a tv license , .
This was being paid off weekly through my benefits each week .

My circumstances became a lot better and I become self employed last year .

Not knowing and to be honest believing my fine was paid off as I had been paying it a long while , I didn't contact the courts .
Neither did I hear anything until a marston baliff put a card through the door .
This was a red card with cease of good .

I tried to contact court ask for clerk of court told them I wasn't aware of this and my circumstances had changed but they would not budge .

I'm now left paying £50 per week to marston, I've been missing weeks here and there as I can not afford it and paid £15 this week !

It's killing me financially , this and last 2 week I've hardly work we means I don't get paid .
Is there anything I can do please
Thank you

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Re: Final notice from Marston

Post by Schedule 12 » 12 Jul 2017 16:57

Run this checklist and tell us what it shows up and we can give you the measure you can take. ... liffs.html
I am a paralegal working for solicitors bringing proceedings against bailiffs for non-compliant enforcement action.


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