Marston urgent help needed please

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Marston urgent help needed please

Post by sarahh » 03 Nov 2017 02:39

I need some help please. I was with a boyfriend a couple of years ago we started having letters come to the house regarding money he owed on a fine, we split not long after we were together I have no idea where he is. He never lived with me never came to our house.
I was sending the letters back saying not at the address never has been then Marston came last year asking where he was I told them I don't know and don't care they gave me a notice thing and never came back then more letters during this year.

Well yesterday 2/11/17 Marston appeared started trying to intimidate me and saying they are coming back this weekend to gain access to the house which belongs to my parents and they will get a locksmith to do the locks if no answer to look for evidence of the person. I am disabled have physical, emotional and mental health problems including attempts on taking my life. They have terrified me enough I have self harmed. Spent the whole day shaking.
I have sent emails to Marston and to the court it came from. I am phoning the court in the morning.
Do they have rights to gain access?
Is there anything I can do?
Please help

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Re: Marston urgent help needed please

Post by Schedule 12 » 03 Nov 2017 12:00

You need to call police on 999 and tell them you are disabled and there is a man trying to force his way in. When police arrive, show them your ID and explain to them the man is looking for someone that does not live there.

If the police are uncooperative, there is a drastic move and that is a restraining order, but you will need to satisfy a judge the debtor does not live there. An affidavit should do it, and likewise council tax records. It might be an idea just to complete a form N16a and a make a witness statement without filing it at court and give a copy to the bailiff company telling them that if they pester you again, you will proceed with the application. This is called giving 'informal notice'. Your witness statement must exhibit evidence of your sole occupancy and your vulnerability.

It's very risky for bailiffs to break the locks, it always ends up costing them thousands in damages and months of expensive litigation. Forced entry is only available if the debtor is inside the property or there is evidence the debtor has goods there.
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