Marston Holdings help !!!!!

Quash the Conviction. Revoke the Fees. Claim Damages for Improper Enforcement Action
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#1 Marston Holdings help !!!!!

Post by Agnieszka69 » 04 Feb 2018 16:02

Hi all I am new to this but need urgent help.Had a letter from Marston agent left in my letter box about TV licence court fines.Rang to court officer forwarded documents related to my circumstances has changed been out of work 8 weeks since Ive been fine.I am a single omther of 11 year child .Sent all paragraph realted to my circumstances offered to pay weekly instalments every ftidsy £50 which payd last friday.Bailiff turned up again yesterday while was at work for full amout.I know in fact they can not enforce any other amount then cort adjudged.What shoul I do????

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#2 Re: Marston Holdings help !!!!!

Post by Schedule 12 » 04 Feb 2018 17:24

Bailiffs can enforce for their fees when there is an unpaid fine. When the fine is paid or quashed, the enforcement power ends.
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