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Post by jakub1981 » 08 Dec 2015 12:10

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Jakub Sebastian Lesniak and I have got lately a new card to pay my dept which is now 999 £. My problem is Im not able to pay this money because Im currently unemployed. Im actively looking for a job and I would like to ask you to split that amount of money please. Another thing is I've paid already some money on my first card which was from court and amount was 70 £. Could you please reply me and advise me what I need to do.
Yours sinceraly
Jakub Sebastian Lesniak

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Re: dept

Post by Syd Snitkin » 08 Dec 2015 16:05

Hi - not sure what you think this site is for. We can't do anything about card debts.
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Re: dept

Post by Schedule 12 » 08 Dec 2015 16:07

What kind of debt. You mention 'court' but without knowing the type of debt, we aren't of much help.
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