marston bailiffs

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marston bailiffs

Post by muso » 09 Apr 2016 07:36

Just to let you know I have now successfully got money back from Marstons, we sued them in court and used their lack of communication to gain a court order against them, they were orders to pay £400 back immediately, they now have a county court judgement against them, not sure if they are allowed to continue untill judgement removed.

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Re: marston bailiffs

Post by Schedule 12 » 09 Apr 2016 16:41

Their modus operandi is apply to set aside the judgment on the grounds they didn't know about the judgment.

They will only be granted a hearing if they can prove the claim has a plausible defence.

It the make the application then you must defend it.

All a judgment does is bugger their credit rating.. their borrowing isn't reliant on the banks. It's all venture capital, and they are eating it up fast.

It's not known whether HM Court service is paying them. Maybe that is for a FOI.
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