received letter threatening to enter my home for previous occupier,pls advise

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#1 received letter threatening to enter my home for previous occupier,pls advise

Post by yasmeena » 22 Sep 2016 15:30

Have a problem with the previous occupant who lived here, he had numerous debts, and I am not sure what to do!

I recently tried to change over the gas supply from Npower. I registered with another supplier to change, they took over the electric meter no problem, though have just seen there is a debt of £1250 on the meter!! So I have been paying somebody else's debt!!

The issue is that yesterday an energy company acting on behalf of Npower put a letter through my door for the previous occupant demanding over £300, and if it was not paid they would be able to enter my home, breaking down the door if necessary to force a key meter, or to disconnect the gas. I opened the letter, as it had no stamp, and therefore could not return to sender, as I have done with all the other correspondence. this is similar to the bailiff who turned up over 3 weeks putting notes through my door for the previous occupant to ring them as they had to deliver a court letter.

I contacted the new supplier, and they have told me to contact the energy company to register with them, to close the old account!! I have said I do not wish to register with Npower, as they have not been helpful when I tried to set up an account, hence I changed to a new supplier.

I have ignored the letter, as it is not addressed to me, BUT, it says they will enter my home, assuming after a court order is issued, they have also stated that they may attend with a policeman to gain access!!

So, if I ignore this, as it is not my problem, what will happen? Also as somebody else has a debt, how can an energy company refuse to change over the gas because of a debt that is not mine, is there an energy watchdog, as I believe this is not legal?

I have been returning mail now for 6 months, mail is still arriving, along with debt collectors/bailiffs knocking on my door, now too scared to answer the door to anybody! I have my own debts, so not happy having to deal with the stress of anothers debts!

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#2 Re: received letter threatening to enter my home for previous occupier,pls advise

Post by Pote Snitkin » 22 Sep 2016 15:43

Send them a copy of your tenancy agreement.
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