Rossendales, then Marstons

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#36 Re: Rossendales, then Marstons

Post by Schedule 12 » 09 Jun 2017 15:37

Bailiffs don't do garnishment orders, they only apply the schedule 12 enforcement procedure.
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#37 Re: Rossendales, then Marstons

Post by Pote Snitkin » 09 Jun 2017 15:50

They would need your bank account details for a garnishee order. Even then, if you did have any money in there, just move it elsewhere. If the account's empty at the time, the order fails.
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#38 Re: Rossendales, then Marstons

Post by Michelle » 09 Jun 2017 22:28

The letter simply lists all the possible options for enforcing a judgment. Bailiff companies can't set up attachment of earnings orders, record charging orders or third party debt orders, these are actions a creditor can take as well as using bailiffs. Some only apply to certain people, i.e. homeowners or employees. Sounds like a standard template letter.
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