Vehicle taken from private car park

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Vehicle taken from private car park

Post by Mrdarren » 08 Jun 2017 19:31

Hello everyone.

I'm not sure if this is a relevant place to post this, if not, please feel free to delete the thread, I just wonder if anyone can offer any advice.

I parked my car on a private car park to keep it off the road. Many people were using the same spaces, it was next to a derelict guesthouse.

When I returned, a barrier-gate had been installed which meant that I could not remove my car from the car park. There were no details as to who to contact to unlock the gate.

It was not my main car, so I waited to see what would happen, figuring that nobody could steal it whilst it was behind the quite substantial gate.

Shortly afterwards,my car was removed by persons unknown. I didn't want any confrontation as such, so I did nothing.

A little later, I received a letter from the DVLA about the tax expiring. I did a history search on the car and discovered that it had been MoT'd and was being used on the road.

I was quite miffed and somewhat bemused and reported it to the police as being stolen. It was one thing losing the car, but another to think that some cheeky bugger was now using it.

I later found out that the police had stopped the person driving the car, but let them continue.

Is there anything I can do?, I have the V5, and crime report number, but don't know where to start.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

Many thanks in advance.

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