N245 and EX160 forms.

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#1 N245 and EX160 forms.

Post by Frankie75 » 26 Sep 2017 18:50

Firstly, I apologise if this is posted in the wrong section, I'm a bit daunted by all of this.

I've recently received my first (and hopefully only) CCJ. I admit the debt is mine and am willing to pay it in installments, however the creditor rejected my initial offer and the order is set at an amount I just can't manage. From reading forums such as this I'm aware I can apply to have the order varied to something more manageable via form N245. I'm also aware there is normally a £50 fee, however this maybe waived/lowered via form EX160A. I'm currently self-employed and my last tax return suggested I might be able to get help. I've downloaded both forms and I'm fairly certain I have to send them to the issuing court, my first question is, is it possible to send both forms together ?

My second question is regarding enforcement. I'm fairly certain processing these forms will take me over the due date for the first installment and maybe into the stage where the debt can be enforced, should I check the 'Suspension Of Warrant' box even though it may not yet be issued (and wouldn't any warrannt be issued at my local court?) ? Normally how quick are creditors in enforcing the judgement after the payment date has been and gone ? If it makes any difference this is a CCA covered debt for around £500.

Luckily I'm aware of my rights regarding Bailiffs, one fly in the ointment is that I live with my elderly father and he could panic, hopefully he understands he doesn't have to answer the door, I normally work from home so I'll be dealing with it.

Thanks for reading and all the fantastic advice I've gathered from this site.

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