What can i do? as marstons thug hurt me

Apply to Stay the Writ. Set Aside the Judgment. Apply for more time to pay. Stop the Bailiff. Cancel the Fees.
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#1 What can i do? as marstons thug hurt me

Post by Anon12 » 30 Apr 2017 00:53

I am a disabled person with a servere heart condition and breathing ailments, the last 9months ive had pneumonia three times and in hospital over it as i cough up blood when this happens, the last few months ive been attending tests to what my medical team thought i had lung and brain cancer, im still having more tests done eg camera down throat, anyway a few months ago i was fined for no television licence but due to hospital appointments tests etc i forgot to pay it, this was passed forward to marstons, whom put a note through my door, i rang them and spoke to a lady whom said i had to pay them all of a sudden £335.00 for a £145.00 fine, i told her i only get £220.00 a month disability and i live with my son at his property, so she said she will take £133.35 for now and be generous and leave me the rest to live on for the next month, but by then she wants the balance, now she was told i am disabled and over 60yrs of age but she didnt care, anyway a couple weeks later there was a note in the letter box from Marstons a final notice, saying i now owe them £546.50, i contacted the mobile number on there and spoke to the man in question, i explained that since my last payment i am disabled i get £220.00 per month and now my benefit is now going to be PIP im waiting on a medicle visit so could i pay £50 every two weeks till i have enough to pay it all off, he seemed okay about this and agreed, he had full knowledge also as i told him about my disabilities and the tests i am currently having, so i paid £50 and two weeks later as agreed paid another £50, thinking this was okay i was so shocked that when the next payment was due he turned up at the door a day early with another and knocked, i had a 7mth old baby in the house and a 4yrs old child, i was holding the babies bowl of dinner in my hand at the time, i opened the door to see a big heavy built man kick open the door sending me on the floor and the bowl of baby food up the hallway, i screamed and pushed the back of my body on the door, he kept kicking it so hard that the door opened enough for him to placed his foot there, i was screaming i had no idea who he was, and really thought i was going to be attacked etc, my son ran into the hallway and went mad and told him to remove his foot and was trying to remove his foot i was still on the floor, meanwhile his partner was on phone to police claiming this marston guy was being assaulted, it was terrible, police did not know really what to do, only one was saying its a civil matters not a police matter, another a wpc i heard say, if an ambulance is called for her im arresting her as i was having chest pains and breathing problems, anyway my son paid the balance of £446.50 to him, the guy from marstons was grinning all the time at me, and as he went pass laughed and said lets hope i dont have to come back, i am so shaken by this whole experience and my doctor is going mad, as this man has left me with an injured knee and shoulder, so much so im seeing my doctor tomorrow on a saturday as he is concerned about me and what has happened, He never said who he was he had no ID showing as that was in his pocket and he only put it on when the police arrived, As far as i was concerned he could of been a murderer we had just had a rape in the area a couple days previously that was in day time, was it wrong of my son to pay this thug? He did not show me any walking pocession order nothing at all, other than what was in the letter box i have had nothing at all from this guy, he lied to police saying ive owed it not paid a penny then admitted i had paid £235.00 off it, then he changed saying ive been good to you, ive tried to help you etc, okay i did say, WTF are you talking about? do i have a form of claim against him, he knew i was disabled , he knew i am in my 60s he knew the place i live at is my sons, he even tried to say the bills are in my name? they are not they are all in my sons name, he saw paperwork etc and just threw it on the ground so i had to pick it up, yes my son went mad and he kicked him to try and get his leg out of the doorway, but he saw a man knocking his mother flying onto the floor and trying to force his way into the property, is there anything i can do about this nasty person actions at all? the police did not really was to know they seemed to be on his side, only one officer spoke sense even telling the others that i am disabled etc even that its a civil matter, but i guess that fell on deaf ears, this as made me so scared im to scared to leave my sons home, as i keep thinking this man will suddenly appear from no where, my doctor is going to look at my injuries and record them, any advice would be such a help, as for complaining to marstons many have told me im wasting my time, infact they will look at this thug as a form of hero, so sorry about the length of my post but i am so traumatised by all of this.
Also my son was protecting me and his babies that were in the home, as i stated the man said nothing at all to me when i opened the door a little but started kicking it, the boot marks are still on the door, he even shouted that he was there for a tv licence fine to all of my sons neighbours that came out due to my screams in all of this.

Today i saw my doctor whom has made a record of this and my injuries, and told me that if requested all my medicle conditins and the injuries i have from this thug he will be happy to submit on my behalf, he saw my arm is swollen and in pain with my shoulder and left knee, he was disgusted by all of this esp when he heard that marstons knew that i am disabled and have a servere heart condition, and asked if i wondered if this thug thought i was in my sons home on my own? and thats why he called , thinking an elderly person disabled easy target, but did not expect any of my sons to be present at the time, I really am to scared to go out now, even to my doctor i was taken and shook all the time ,

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#2 Re: What can i do? as marstons thug hurt me

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This looks like a repeat post. /

If a bailiff injured you, or exacerbated an existing injury, then you make a Personal Injury Claim.

Here is how:

http://www.dealingwithbailiffs.co.uk/As ... iliffs.htm

You can report it to the police. If they say its a civil matter, then take down the name and ID of the officer and contact me. WE can do something about it.
I am a paralegal working for solicitors bringing proceedings against bailiffs for non-compliant enforcement action.

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