Disputing Baliff Fees

Apply to Stay the Writ. Set Aside the Judgment. Apply for more time to pay. Stop the Bailiff. Cancel the Fees.
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Disputing Baliff Fees

Post by Lyndskg » 17 May 2017 11:22


I will try and keep this brief. I am currently fighting the fees a Enforcement office is charging us.

Back in 2016 I owed some outstanding childcare fees. To cut a very long story short we didn't agree with the fees and refused to pay the amount until the bill was corrected. This ended up in the owner of the nursery
taking court action again us. Looking back I do wish I had just paid the fees and disputed the amount after but we struggle to make ends meet anyway and did not have the money to pay this back in full at the time. We paid
the judgement debt back in 2016 and now the enforcement office is chasing us for their fees which are a whopping £3600. Making the debt over £5000.

After doing some research I asked them to send me a breakdown of costs and any receipts to back these stages up.

I did get sent a breakdown of fees but no receipts:


Judgment Debt £3,242.79

Judgment Costs £307.00

Credits £0.00

Execution Costs £111.75

Interest charged to date £282.49

Daily interest charge £0.80

Date Name Amount

07-03-2016 Compliance Stage Fee £75.00

05-04-2016 *First Enforcement Stage Fee £398.00

13-04-2016 *Second Enforcement Stage Fee £495.00

15-04-2016 *Sale or Disposal Stage Fee £801.00

Total VAT 353.80

We paid the nursery debt of £2600 back in May 2016 and since this breakdown we have paid the judgement costs, the first, second and third stage of baliff action.

We have now sent a complaint letter to the baliff company asking them to look at and correct any fees that are wrong. Which they are refusing to do, saying they are correct and sending someone to collect goods from my house.

I have worked out that the first stage fee is calculated wrong and I also didn't think the baliff company could charge VAT if the 'Creditor' is VAT registered? Or am I wrong?

Also I have since found out that the Writ of control expired 15th March 2017. Does this mean they have no legal right to come to our house and take goods? If they did turn up and the Writ has expired what rights do they
have to enforce this action?

Any help and legal advise would be much appreciated as I want to know where I stand with this now and if I need to pay anything I haven't already.

Thanks you

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