No costs order

Apply to Stay the Writ. Set Aside the Judgment. Apply for more time to pay. Stop the Bailiff. Cancel the Fees.
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No costs order

Post by pollypocket123 » 15 Jun 2017 13:47

Hi, back in 2016 my partner had a default judgement set aside as he didn't receive any court papers as we had moved house. A no costs order was also awarded at this stage.
The case then went to a hearing, and Althrough the claim ain't had won, it was for a much smaller amount. However the judge had awarded all the claimants costs from before the case was set aside, even through a no cost order was granted. Is this right? It does seem incredibly unfair. My partner has also been made to pay further enforcement costs of £150. This was all pre set aside. The problem is we are now out of the 14 days appeal stage.
Is there anything we can do, or is it best just to leave it alone now.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: No costs order

Post by Schedule 12 » 19 Jun 2017 10:46

You can make a late appeal, but you must give a reason why you are late.
I am a paralegal working for solicitors bringing proceedings against bailiffs for non-compliant enforcement action.


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