Second notice of county court judgment (ccj) arrears :S

Apply to Stay the Writ. Set Aside the Judgment. Apply for more time to pay. Stop the Bailiff. Cancel the Fees.
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Second notice of county court judgment (ccj) arrears :S

Post by wotkin » 28 Sep 2017 18:30


Found myself stuck in a bit of a situation and feel over my head.
Have just received a letter from Lowell solicitors in the post titled 'Second notice of county court judgment (ccj) arrears - £150'
This is from an old debt from orange dated 2013 or thereabouts. i last received a letter from them in 2015 and have never contacted them in-regards to the debt.

The letter starts
We wrote to you previously regarding your judgment arrears, but we are yet to receive the payment as required under the terms of your CCJ. As a result you currently have arrears of £150.00

This is the first i have heard of any CCJ or any letter other than in 2015, the debt is for a small amount of £590 repayment is no issue, but i wish not to cause further harm to my credit file.

I have checked my credit score on clearscore, no sign of ccj or any changed or listed debts etc.

Paid and checked my name and address on registry trust,once again nothing registered.

My problem is where do i go from here?
Who do i contact?
What do i ask?
Why isn't this supposed CCJ showing on my credit file or the trusts website?

My current address i have lived in 8 months and is registered to my name on electoral roll etc.
Previous address i lived in for 3 + years.

The letter further on threatens county court bailiffs etc
attachments of earnings etc.

Repaying the debt is no issue, what is important to me is my credit score. having spent the last 4 years rebuilding it i would like to keep it on the up.

Thanks in advance guy.


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Re: Second notice of county court judgment (ccj) arrears :S

Post by wotkin » 28 Sep 2017 23:30

Ok so i have just checked my credit file in depth, i have just found this.

What changed in
August 2017

You are now on the electoral roll at your current address
•You opened your LOWELL PORTFOLIO 1 LTD (I)
•Your LOWELL PORTFOLIO 1 LTD (I) account went into default
•You closed or settled your LOWELL PORTFOLIO 1 LTD (I) account

When i check on noddle i am greeted by this active court judgment.

Judgment date 20/06/2017
Amount £ 587
Court name County Court Business Center

On the accounts page it shows an open account with Defaults monthly since the opening of this account.

Looks like my credit score is shredded :(

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Re: Second notice of county court judgment (ccj) arrears :S

Post by Schedule 12 » 29 Sep 2017 10:30

You can apply to set aside the judgment because it is a "default judgment". You must satisfy the court three things, you didn't know about the judgment until contacted by a third party (Lowell), you acted promptly after learning about it, and you have a defence.

I'm not sure what your defence would be in your case, but the application is done on a court form N244 downloadable on the Court Service website.
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