Rossendales - Capital Contribution Order

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Rossendales - Capital Contribution Order

Post by Stoofa » 07 Mar 2015 11:21

My first post here, so sorry if this ends up in the wrong forum.
Early last year I was arrested for something. I won’t go into full details at this point as I’m ashamed of what it was I’d done and I don’t think it is relevant at this stage.
I needed a solicitor (and subsequently a barrister) and so it was suggested I apply for legal aid. I filled in the application form and submitted and although it took over two months to sort out with me having to send genuine copies of bank statements for me and my wife, mortgage etc., I was granted legal aid.
The paperwork all indicated that I had been granted legal aid for my solicitor (and barrister) and that I would not need to make a contribution. This was “kind of” echoed by m solicitor, with wording such as “all sorted now” when we spoke.

I made my last appearance in court back in November last year where I was given a suspended prison sentence and also had to pay costs around £600. I paid these almost immediately as I wanted to get everything sorted and out of the way, I didn’t want things hanging around.

Fast forward to today and I receive a letter. It was “Legal Aid Agency” in one corner and “Rossendales” in the other.
It says that I have 28 days to pay £2082.90 “Capital Contribution Order”. They give me some figures they have used to get to these costs etc.
However I am so surprised I just don’t’ know what to say. As far as I knew this was all sorted out 4 months ago and everything was covered by legal aid.
I have not worked since my arrest back in March last year, so any money in current accounts has long gone as has a massive chunk of savings. We do still have our house and yes, there is indeed more than £30k equity in it, however I assumed this was all taken into account when I first applied for legal aid back in July last year.

I am guessing this is all above board – it certainly doesn’t feel like a “chancer” kind of letter. I’m also not going to simply bury my head in the sand as I’ve got to get this sorted.
What should my next step be here? Who exactly are “Rossendales” and why are they chasing me for this?

Thanks for your help forum.

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Re: Rossendales - Capital Contribution Order

Post by Schedule 12 » 07 Mar 2015 11:48

This article explains capital contribution orders. ... -order.htm

Rossendales is a bailiff company and is known to be having a dabble with them, but with limited success.

If you have not bee means tested then appeal it.

If the order was made without you knowing then make a statutory declaration .
I am a paralegal working for solicitors bringing proceedings against bailiffs for non-compliant enforcement action.


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Re: Rossendales - Capital Contribution Order

Post by Whatthehell » 07 Oct 2015 19:16

Stoofa- how did you get on? Just that we are in a similar situation now and wondered your outcome.

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