Notice of Enforcement/Locksmith -HELP- MARSTONS

We might be able to work it out.
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#1 Notice of Enforcement/Locksmith -HELP- MARSTONS

Post by NOR33N » 30 Jul 2016 08:12


Please can you help - I am posting on behalf of an elderly friend -

"I don't know where to start but here goes....

My family had a visit from TWO men dressed like cops boots/jackets the lot we were not expecting them and they said a NOTICE OF ENFORCEMENT (MARSTONS) was posted to our address and as payment of £150 was not made they are now here here to take goods from the property they immediately called a number and put it on loudspeaker and were asking this other chap how far are you from the property? he replied 10-15 minutes then he turned and said all i need is a locksmith and that will add up all the charged for storage etc etc....we don't want to do this you seem like a nice lady can pay...get it from him!

The debt is related to her son who does not own the property or anything in the house except his clothes...he physically does not live their he has lost his job and his relationship with his family has broken so he comes every now and then ....his mail comes to this property and his car is registered to this address...the enforcement officers? said they have done a credit check and have it on camera him coming to this residence?

They tried to contact him and so did we as we did not know what was going on and all that they were doing was ....calling the locksmith....proof of receipts required....van's coming...will come...your neighbours etc...called the police during this and they said it's a civil matter we can't get involved...!!

They said you make the payment of £385 and get the money of him ...I explained and told them that we are not aware of any notice...and why should we pay ...this is not his property or items....again we were told LOCKSMITHS/VAN CHARGES!

They said they have an enforcement and have it from the court they showed it me and pointed out the following statement...

"To Each and all of the enforcement agents and authorized officers of approved agencts a notice of fine having been served on the defendant and default having been made in payment You are hearby commanded forthwith to take control of goods in respect of the above named...(except for those specifically exempted) In accordance with the tribunals courts and enforcement act 2007 and any and all legislation made under it. should the sum stated above together with the statutory fees and disbursements, be not paid then not earlier than the seventh day..taking control unless the debtor consents in writing to an earlier sale, to sell the goods.

by order of the court
justice of peace
(clerk to the court)

we asked for a copy to be emailed he said take a picture ?

Payment was made by third party...the owner of the house could not take the intimidation and actions of these men!

The fine was originally £75 plus £75 compliance fee- £150 this was sent in the NOTICE OF ENFORCEMENT LETTER which we had no idea of!
Then they added a further fee of £235 on the day they came.

The question is what happened here? Can they intimidate someone else into paying the charges? Locksmith and collecting goods/storage charge

They said they are here from the courts?

Can we reclaim that money back ...something says they have misused their position..done this purposefully ....scaring the elderly lady in concern .
It's shaken her up and your advice would be greatly appreciated :cry:

I would like to challenge them and their behaviour it was just very out of order. This website is of great help so I'm turning to you only.

Many Thanks

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#2 Re: Notice of Enforcement/Locksmith -HELP- MARSTONS

Post by NOR33N » 20 Aug 2016 21:34

Hello :roll:

Any one there????

Please can you advise me or point me in the right direction :)

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#3 Re: Notice of Enforcement/Locksmith -HELP- MARSTONS

Post by Schedule 12 » 21 Aug 2016 09:25

Run this Checklist. If no joy, then we'll fix it

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#4 Re: Notice of Enforcement/Locksmith -HELP- MARSTONS

Post by Pote Snitkin » 21 Aug 2016 16:36

Noreen, do you do a lot of travelling? ... 50540e5a3d - False alarm, it wasn't him. Maybe next time.

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